Presentations for Teachers, Conferences, School In-services

Kalli signing books

The following topics can be covered during presentations for teachers:

Lighten Up! Have Some Fun!

Perhaps we’ve become far too serious as educators, and we’ve forgotten how to enter the world of childhood. Come and join us for poems, stories and toys that will bring poetry, laughter and joy to your reading and writing programs, and magically pull in even your most reluctant students.

What’s There to Write About?

We can write about everything in our schools from the pencils on our desks to the sad good-byes in our hearts. Come and see how exciting an elementary school really is, and how day-to-day experiences can be transformed into poetry that delights and inspires teachers and students.

Poetry Writing Workshops

Kalli will introduce you to imaginative, creative techniques for teaching children to write poetry. Based on current research, this approach is easy to incorporate into your language arts program and covers imagery, rhythm, rhyme, poetic form, poetic shape, free verse, editing and revisions. Kalli will share unexpected and surprising topics to inspire your writing program with a new spirit. You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to turn a classroom of students into poets!

Poems for Tired Teachers

If teaching has exhausted you, and you are wondering what you are doing in this profession, then this session is for you. Come and join us for a selection of poems and stories, written just for teachers, that will relax and soothe your work-out teaching spirits, and send you back to your classrooms with the best materials for your reading and writing programs.

Additional Topics

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Writing for Professional Publication

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Dramatizing Poetry with Children